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Lana Del Rey a.k.a. Lizzy Grant, sometimes referred to as Nevada (a working title) was released in 2010. It is commonly referred to as her 'debut' album, but the earlier album Sirens has since put that into doubt.

The predeccesor to this album was the Kill Kill EP, which featured 3 tracks from this album, released much earlier in October 2008. When the Kill Kill EP was released, it still had the name Lizzy Grant. She then had it changed to Lana Del Ray for the album.

She announced to the BBC that she intended to re release the album, having bought the rights back. This was intended for the summer of 2012, however, which has since come and gone with no release in sight.

There are some misconceptions with regards to this album. The funding provided was in fact $50,000, not the minimal $10,000 as commonly stated. It was also never 'shelved', not least because it was never available in a physical format. These misconceptions are cleared up very well in this interview by David Nichtern, the owner of her previous label.

Del Rey had recorded the album in 2008 with producer David Kahne but her team wanted the album released on January 4th 2010. Because of the late release, Del Rey said that she had grown out of the album and that by that time she was already working on new material.?

Lana has also said that she wanted the album to sound like a 'sad party' and that the album wasn't a secret and that she was proud of it.?

Track List[]

  1. Kill Kill
  2. Queen of the Gas Station
  3. Oh Say Can You See
  4. Gramma (Blue Ribbon)
  5. For K Part 2 (the final of Rehab)
  6. Jump
  7. Mermaid Motel
  8. Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)
  9. Pawn Shop Blues
  10. Brite Lites
  11. Put Me in a Movie? (aka Little Girls)
  12. Smarty
  13. Yayo