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Sparkle Jump Rope Queen is an early alter ego of Lana's. She registered herself on a MySpace profile under this name, and uploaded three songs onto it, found below. Although the profile dates from 2008, the songs are considerabley older.

On her profile she states the following of herself,

Genre: Americana / Chinese pop / Surf

Location: BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, US

Bio: Lizzy Grant was born on the day of Worldly Rapture. She is inspired by Caffeine, G d, and David Lee Roth.


She spent two years as a trapese artist in a southern California circus.

She's been married four times in 5 countries. Having shared the stage with such acts as Mirah, The Blow, and John Mayer, it's no surprise that she's one of the most sought after and intriguing acts to have errupted on the New York music scene.

A regular friend and influence on the downtown crowd, Lizzy Grant has been named the unofficial sweetheart by hipster musicologists everywhere. A winner of the Williamsburg Live Songwriting Contest, and notorious femme fatale, she's sweeter than yo mama's apple pie

Influences: Nirvana, Beach Boys, Claire Hogan, The Flamingos, Phil Phillips, Mickey Avalon,

Her MySpace page, and the associated tracks, can be found here.

Track List[]

  1. Elvis
  2. Axl Rose Husband
  3. Blue Ribbon (same as Gramma)